"...a garden is like life:

something is always doing well, something is struggling, something is being born anew, and something is dying."

Edith Reed

Thursday, April 19, 2012

seedlings everywhere!

I knew it would get really hard to keep blogging during this time of year...and I was right. I am up to my eyeballs in seedlings and re-potting work (in addition to working 2 part-time jobs and trying to raise 2 kittens) Anyway, just wanted to pop on today to post the April and May "to do" lists and encourage all of you with seedlings to keep the lights just 2 inches above the plants, to avoid them getting "leggy" and it is time for a little fish emulsion fertilizer April: • This is the big month for planting vegetables, however if planted too early, frost will kill your plants unless you are prepared to protect them on those cold nights. • Stake tomatoes or provide cages to surround them. • Keep weeds under control by hoeing or cultivating. • Set out transplants of herbs. • Set out bedding plants. • Trim forsythias after they have bloomed to keep the bushes shapely. • Provide nutrients to fruit trees at the fruit setting time. May: • Set out tender plants once all danger of frost is past. • Keep seedbeds damp with shallow, frequent watering. • Pinch the growing points from the stems tips of mum plants when they get 3-4 inches. • Plant annuals among waning spring bulbs. • Mulch to conserve moisture and control weeds. • Control weeds while they are small. Keep growing!